Data Destruction

Scissors, or Software?

The question of whether hard drive wiping completely removes data isn't straightforward. It hinges on the chosen wiping level and the data recovery tools available. Different wiping levels exist, each varying in security. 

The simplest one merely deletes files or reformats the drive, but this provides minimal security and data can be easily restored with even basic recovery tools.

The next level overwrites the entire drive with random data once. While more secure than simple wiping, advanced recovery tools might still salvage some original data.

The strongest level overwrites the entire drive multiple times with random data. This method, known as DoD 5220.22-M or NIST 800-88, guarantees complete data removal and is used by governments and businesses for maximum security.

Therefore, partnering with a reputable IT recycling and disposal company that adheres to industry data wiping standards is crucial. The IT Centre, for instance, collaborates with Redkey V5 to offer data destruction services. This partnership ensures every data-bearing asset undergoes a meticulous wiping process verified by Redkey V5, providing you with a certificate guaranteeing the destruction has been performed effectively.

By choosing The IT Centre and their Redkey V5-powered data wiping, you can be confident that sensitive data on your old IT equipment is truly gone, protecting yourself and the environment.

Is Our Sanitizing Software Compatible with Modern Storage Devices?  

Yes, our sanitizing software is compatible with a wide range of storage devices. This includes modern solutions like SSDs, NVMe drives, and M.2 drives, as well as traditional magnetic hard disk drives. Additionally, it supports various external storage devices, including USB drives and SD memory cards, ensuring versatile application across different data storage formats.  

Will data wiping remove a computer's operating system?  

Yes, when our sanitizing software is used for data wiping on computers, it completely erases the operating system from the hard drive. The computer will be left with a clean hard drive, and you will need to reinstall the operating system. Assistance for operating system reinstallation is available if required.  

Does Our Sanitizing Software Affect the Operating System on Mobile Devices?  

While wiping with our software can effectively erase the operating system on mobile devices, it doesn't leave the device without one. After the wiping process, the operating system is either reinstalled or reset, ensuring the device is operational with a clean, refreshed system.  

How does Our Sanitizing Software Erase Data?  

Our software employs a blend of external erasure techniques and internal firmware-level commands to overwrite and permanently destroy data. This approach guarantees thorough data removal from various storage devices. The specific method of erasure depends on the type of device it's being used on, and users have the option to override this with their own settings.