Why Refurbish?

Donated Tech Transforms Lives

The Refurb Project: Empowering People Through Technology

Our refurbishment project aims to reduce the digital divide and environmental impact of e-waste and provide access to technology for everyone.

The project accepts donations of unwanted technology from the community and local businesses, which is then refurbished and upgraded to withstand the next generation of computing. All of the refurbished devices are then donated to people in need, allowing them to participate in online activities, such as education, employment, and social connection.

The IT Centre's refurbishment project has a number of benefits and is a valuable community resource that helps to make technology more accessible for everyone. We bridge the digital divide by gifting all our refurbished devices to those who need them most through partnering with local agencies to identify individuals and groups. It helps to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to participate in our increasingly digital society 

Contact us to donate your old devices today! Give your unwanted tech a second life and empower someone in need. 


Due to the nature of the ongoing war in Ukraine, many of the guests I work with had to leave their homes carrying few belongings. Upon arriving in Scotland, several guests enquired about getting access to laptops and other tech devices. After approaching The IT Centre for help, I was able to provide my Ukrainian guests with refurbished laptops and other devices free of charge. The service was efficient, friendly, and hugely appreciated.

D&G Council Resettlement Team

The Refurbishment Project is vital to keep those in the community connected and reducing anxieties over financial worries in relation to technology, especially as we enter an uncertain financial future for many living in poverty in Scotland.

Stewartry NHS

Public Health Improvement Team 

The IT Centre and their team have been extremely helpful in getting access to devices for the young people that I was struggling to get laptops, computers, and mobile phones for. This was often at quite short notice. I have found the service you provide to be invaluable. You responded very promptly to my requests and kept me up to date. The young people are really benefitting from the refurbished devices their service has provided, which not only enables them to attend college and study at home but also be able to access social media and maintain contact with family and friends which is extremely important for them.

D&G Council Young People's Transitions Team

My transitions worker realised that I did not have any devices, not even a working mobile. This made it difficult for me to do my college work, keep in touch with family, friends, support worker or use social media. The IT Centre was able to provide me with both a laptop and a mobile phone and just before Christmas 2022. This was a great surprise and I really appreciate the help they were able to give me.

Care-experienced Young Person