Device Donation for Businesses


Is your business due for an IT refresh, and you're not sure what to do with your old hardware? Look no further than The IT Centre, and our new IT Asset Refurbishment service. Following a discussion with a member of your team, we can receive your old hardware, and complete an initial assessment. After this, we will ensure that all of your data is either securely wiped -  by our Red Key V5 Software, which can generate certificated wipe reports to assure you, and your business, that your data is safely destroyed - or by physical destruction, proven by photographic evidence.

Once we have completed the data wiping process, we will begin the initial phase of our refurbishment process. Devices which we assess to be suitable for refurbishment will then have any necessary parts ordered, and fitted, before the new Operating System is installed and configured ready for use. We then fully test the refurbished device to ensure it meets our high Quality Control standards, before it is passed onto our clients, or partner agencies for redistribution to those in need.

Not only does this offer your organisation the opportunity to dispose of your old IT equipment securely, and responsibly, but it also an excellent chance for you to fulfil your corporate social responsibility by helping out with solving modern social issues such as digital inequality, poverty, rural and social isolation - while also helping to save the planet by contributing to the circular economy.