ECDL is the world's most popular IT skills qualification

The European Computer Driving Licence establishes a standard for everyone who uses a computer in either a professional or personal capacity and is recognised by employers across the UK and beyond. Whether you are currently employed, searching for work or wanting to make better use of your computer at home, the ECDL is seen as the benchmark qualification for IT skills competency.
The ECDL is made up of the following modules:
  • IT Security (Concepts of IT - Theory module)
  • IT User Fundamentals (Using the Computer and Managing Files)
  • Word Processing
  • Spreadsheets
  • Database
  • Presentation
  • Information and Communication (Internet and E-mail)
To achieve a full ECDL certificate, learners must successfully pass all 7 modules. However, it is also possible for learners that are just looking to update their computer skills but do not want to sit any exams to study the ECDL.

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